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Welcome to the Ledyard High School Class of 1989 Ten-Year Reunion web page! Hopefully this site will provide you with all the information you need regarding this exciting event.

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The Basics

What: Cocktail cruise on the Connecticut River

When: July 10, 1999

Where: Becky Thatcher cruise ship, Marine Park, Haddam, CT

Time: 7:00 - 11:00 p.m

Ticket Price: $50.00 per person, includes cocktail hour, DJ, buffet dinner, 3-hour cruise with your classmates and an electronic slide presentation guaranteed to bring back many LHS memories!

Memory Books: For just $7.00 each, the reunion memory books are a great way to keep in touch with your classmates after the reunion is over (or if you were unable to attend the reunion). They are high quality spiral-bound books that will last a lifetime! - (If not attending, please fill out the order form and add $1.50 per book for shipping).

Accommodations: For those guests who need somewhere to stay for the evening, there will be discounted rooms at a nearby hotel. Registered guests will receive additional information in the mail.

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The Past Decade

Since we graduated all the way back in 1989, lots has happened in this world. Not only have current events been interesting, but our little ol' town of Ledyard sure has changed, too.

Many of our classmates have moved to different parts of the country, even different parts of the world. Regardless of where you live now, the 10-year reunion is an excellent excuse to come back to your roots and experience the best that the Northeast has to offer.

Reunite with your high school pals and catch up on the events in your life. And you never know...you may just surprise yourself and make new friends along the way!

So go to the reunion, visit your family and friends and relive some of those Ledyard High School memories that have lasted throughout the past decade.

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The Reunion

Attending the Ledyard High School Class of 1989 10-year reunion will be an experience you'll never forget. Not only will you be on a luxury cruise ship headed up the beautiful Connecticut River, but you will be spending an evening with your classmates and their guests.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the friends who played a large role in shaping who you are today.

You can reminisce about high school, your past teachers and all those hours spent in study hall. And what about the events like the prom and homecoming?

Some memories will never die and some never should. Take the time to make sure your memories live on.

Even if you cannot attend the event, please take a moment to fill out the registration form and send it in. This way, we can have current contact information and include it in the Memory Book and you can stay in touch with your classmates. You can also order a book which will be shipped right to your house!

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The Memory Book

One thing about reunions is that they give you great opportunities to socialize with your old high school friends. But what about after the reunion is over? How do you keep in touch with them?

The answer is simple. Purchase a memory book! These books are filled with contact information on all of the Class of 1989 graduates, along with networking information like what your classmates are doing for jobs, what special skills they have, etc. And not only that, but the book is filled with graduation photos of all our classmates. You can see what everyone (including yourself) looked like!

These books are high quality, spiral bound books that you can keep for a lifetime and bring with you to the next reunion!

Make sure you include the $7.00 per book fee with your cruise ticket check. This way, you will be assured your copy! If not attending the reunion, you can still get a book. Just fill out the order form and add $1.50 per book for shipping.

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The Ship

Enjoy the beauty of scenic New England at its best from the comfort of the all-weather Becky Thatcher cruise ship. It is a luxury vessel docked in Haddam, CT. With ample room, this ship hosts many private functions throughout the year.

See why the beautiful Connecticut River Valley has been named one of the 40 "Last Great Places" in the western hemisphere by the international Nature Conservancy.

Click here for information on the Deep River Navigation Company.

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Missing Classmates
as of 6/29/99

Here is a list of our classmates with whom we have lost touch. If you know their whereabouts (or even just a state they live in), please contact Sarah Van Dyke immediately. The quicker we find them, the sooner they get their invitation to the reunion! Thanks, in advance, for all your help.

Basso, Samantha Miller, Melanie
Bloomfield, Dodi Pease, Scott
Bowyer, Emma Perkins, Leasa
Brennan, Kimberly Perry, Michelle
Contino, Jennifer Revere, Kimberly
Edwards, Christine Rowdon, Terence
Holden, Todd Ryder, Karyn
Hubert, Tracie Senator, Janelle
Huffaker, Jamie Sevigney, Regina
Janeiro, Joanne Stark, Jennifer
Johnson, John Starnes, Charles
Landry, Lisa Turner, Christine
Longo, Michelle Williams, Jay

Please revisit this section of the site often, as it will be continually updated.

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